Dual Booting Linux Mint and Windows

There are many reasons to consider dual booting Linux and Windows.

For example:
If you like using Linux, but still need Windows to run some property software, to which you can’t find Linux alternates.
Or if you like to use Linux, but your job/school sometimes requires you use a Windows PC.
Or even if you prefer using Windows, but like to play around with Linux every once in a while. (The opposite can also be true.)

In any case, I’ve written some step-by-step instructions which will hopefully help you dual-boot Linux Mint, and Windows.
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Fedora 15 Released

Yesterday, the Fedora project released Fedora 15.

So I made a Live USB to try it out, and so far just running it off the flash drive, it seems stable enough to me.

Fedora 15 uses Gnome3 as it’s default GUI, and at first I was thinking that I may end up using a different GUI other than Gnome, due to the lack of customization. But then I discovered Gnome-Tweak. It gives you a few more options to customize Gnome3, including changing the window theme, and re-enablingĀ  nautilus on the desktop! So I might give gnome3 another chance after all.

To install Gnome-Tweak, just run:

root@computer:# yum install gnome-tweak-tool

as root.

However, as usual, I think I will wait at least a month to upgrade my main computer to Fedora 15, just in case.

Funny thing, my brother saw me using my Fedora 15 live USB, and then he wanted me to install Fedora on his flash drive!

Windows 7 on an Acer Aspire One netbook

For my birthday my Dad gave me a copy of MS Windows 7 Pro.

First thing I did was to buy an extra GB of Kingston ram (KAC-MEME/1G) and install it in the netbook. (The slot is on the bottom of the mother board.)

At first I tried installing to my netbook via USB flash drive, but I kept getting an error saying:

Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition.

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Crazy Christmas and New Year

These last fue days have been very crazy for me.

First of all, I was trying to make my flash drive bootable, and it messed up my boot selector so I couldn’t boot fedora! I tryed to fix it, but whatever I did, did not work. So I reinstalled fedora.

Then, I tryed to get my backup off our desktop PC and I kept getting “Access Denied” while trying to decrypt my files. I finaly got most of my files restored.

Next, Fedora suddenly said that my hard drive was falling! I still have not gotten a new hard drive that is the right type. šŸ™

Now today, I was working on my website when I lost a lot of my public_html files! Good thing I have a backup.

And this entire time, I have been sick! I am starting to get better now…