Fedora 15 Released

Yesterday, the Fedora project released Fedora 15.

So I made a Live USB to try it out, and so far just running it off the flash drive, it seems stable enough to me.

Fedora 15 uses Gnome3 as it’s default GUI, and at first I was thinking that I may end up using a different GUI other than Gnome, due to the lack of customization. But then I discovered Gnome-Tweak. It gives you a few more options to customize Gnome3, including changing the window theme, and re-enabling¬† nautilus on the desktop! So I might give gnome3 another chance after all.

To install Gnome-Tweak, just run:

root@computer:# yum install gnome-tweak-tool

as root.

However, as usual, I think I will wait at least a month to upgrade my main computer to Fedora 15, just in case.

Funny thing, my brother saw me using my Fedora 15 live USB, and then he wanted me to install Fedora on his flash drive!