Bash Script: KeepCool

For a while I had been wanting to write a script that would keep my Linux Laptop from over-heating when I would run programs that would use a ton of CPU. Well, finally I have written it, and it is now stable. (At least from what I can see.)

It works by constantly checking if the temperature is too high, and if so then it sets the CPU frequency to something lower, allowing the CPU to cool off. Then after it’s cooled off, it then sets the CPU back to it’s normal mode.

Of course this requires you to have CPU frequency scalingĀ  compiled with your kernel, so this will not work with Cygwin on Windows.

I’ve tested this script, and it works on Fedora. If you can get it to work on another distribution, please say so in the comments!


You can get the script’s source here:


Please note: As with any of my software, using this script is at your own risk.
I can't think of any reason why it would, but there is the possibility that it will "mess up" your computer.