Countdown to New Years

The New Year is coming soon, so how about a nice countdown to this event in your browser?

I set up such a countdown on my website a few years ago using scripts from, and have recently cleaned it up and debugged it. It should work in any popular, up-to-date web browser.

Upon visiting the page, you will see a nice countdown, which gets the time from your computer so it works correctly in your time-zone. Plus, at the end of the countdown, you will get to see virtual fireworks 😉

I included an alternate, simple and plain style-sheet which can also be used if you don’t like fancy default theme. You can access it by using your browser’s style-sheet switcher. (For Firefox this is View > Page Style > plain-theme (or No Style which pretty much does the same thing)

Check it out:


Please report any bugs in the comments below (if there even are any)

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Isaac Garrison

I'm a guy who loves Computers, Linux, open source software, web design, graphics design, programming, Minecraft, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and most of all, Jesus Christ.

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