Google Gadgets for Linux

Google Gadgets for Linux

EDIT: Read this other post, especially if you are using gtk:

Screenshot of Google Gadgets for Linux in action

Today I was wanting some gadgets on my Fedora desktop, so I decided to install Google Gadgets for Linux.

Google Gadgets for Linux is “an open-source implementation of the Google Gadgets platform for Linux”.

This project is still in the development stage, but so far seems stable enough to use on a daily bases. The only problems I have found is that I can’t seem to install an iGoogle gadget, and sometimes when choosing gadgets, the program crashes. (Read newer post)

On thing I did like is that the gadgets don’t use to much CPU. I have had this problem with other gadget platforms.

Installing was pretty easy as I had the google repository installed.

To learn how to install the google repository go here:

Then as root run:

root@computer:# yum install google-gadgets.i686

To start the program run the command:

user@computer:$ ggl-qt

I have it run upon log in:

System Menu> Preferences> Personal> Startup Applications

and add the command “ggl-qt” with the name “Google Gadgets for Linux”

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