Crazy Christmas and New Year

These last fue days have been very crazy for me.

First of all, I was trying to make my flash drive bootable, and it messed up my boot selector so I couldn’t boot fedora! I tryed to fix it, but whatever I did, did not work. So I reinstalled fedora.

Then, I tryed to get my backup off our desktop PC and I kept getting “Access Denied” while trying to decrypt my files. I finaly got most of my files restored.

Next, Fedora suddenly said that my hard drive was falling! I still have not gotten a new hard drive that is the right type. 🙁

Now today, I was working on my website when I lost a lot of my public_html files! Good thing I have a backup.

And this entire time, I have been sick! I am starting to get better now…

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Isaac Garrison

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